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Welcome to Ampeater Music. You'll notice that we've totally stripped the design. We were getting tired of the old one, and the best way to force ourselves to fix it was to dive in head first. We've unpublished all our past posts, and we're starting at the beginning, revamping each entry one at a time. They'll all be back up on the site soon enough! In the meantime, we hope you'll take the opportunity to reacquaint yourself with our back catalog. We'll also be making incremental improvements to the look and functionality of our dear old Ampeater over the coming weeks and months. Please be patient, and stay tuned for some really cool stuff. It's coming, we promise.




Submissions: Please use the submit page or e-mail 2 songs (an a-side and a b-side), a press photo and a bio to

Staff Writers

Ben Heller |
Ben conceived of Ampeater with Nate Greenberg in the Fall of 2008, when he realized that the phrase “I work in music” sounds a lot better in bars than “I’m a Beowulf scholar.” After a stint as label guru at Serious Business Records in Soho, NYC, he started, a creative agency and web development shop. Over the past 4 years he’s contributed to several technology startups, and spends his precious free time playing bluegrass banjo or shredding inappropriately metal guitar solos over old Motown instrumentals.
nateNate Greenberg |
Nathan is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter involved in more bands, side projects, and alter-ego solo acts than he can count on the fingers of two hands. It’s this obsession that lead Nathan to team up with like-minded co-conspirator Ben Heller to conceive and build the site that would soon become Ampeater Music. Nathan now resides in Seoul, but remains a regular contributor to Ampeater, which allows him to keep connected with underground music scene back home and has also inspired him to infiltrate the scene abroad in South Korea. In addition to his duties at Ampeater, Nathan is president of a startup consultation firm, teaches literature, and is working to complete and publish his debut novel, “Cat Dead, Cat Alive”.
Ben Lasman |
Ben Lasman has written about music for CMJ, The New York Press and BOMB Magazine, and is the former editor of Yale’s Volume Magazine. He plays guitars, computers, bass, drums, trombone, and sings in a variety of bands, some real, others imagined, and DJs under the names Luftmau5, Pissing Crystals, Dirty RCA, King Fay Kong Raye and the Artist Currently Known as Dad. Currenty a senior at Yale, he is writing a novel about micronations and lives in a house with a big basement.

Contributing Writers

Gabe Birnbaum |
Gabe Birnbaum is the former art, film and television editor of the Copenhagen Post; an IAJE award-winning composer; an internationally acclaimed songwriter under the nom de plume Boy Without God; and definitely doesn’t live in his parents’ house. He enjoys bourbon whiskey, the songs of Leonard Cohen, the writings of Julio Cortazar, and singing pop songs about drug-induced visions of his own death.
David Spiro |
Realizing that only two things are certain in life—death and Heisenberg’s Principle—David decided to grab the brass ring by writing reviews of music he enjoys. To pick up extra spending money he has been a professor of international political economy, an academic author, and a management consultant to banks and private equity firms. David lives in Tucson, Arizona and teaches part-time at Columbia University in New York.
Jake Brunner |
Jake is a writer and musician living in Philadelphia. He lives in a time cube.
Nick Kelly |
Nick is known as a relentless – and annoying – promoter of music he likes and that other people should like too. So when he saw an opportunity to promote bands to more than just his doll set, he jumped at the opportunity. A native of Brookline, MA Nick has made the journey slightly downward in the alphabet to Brooklyn, NY, but swears he prefers the sweet sounds of bar mitzvah music to anything coming out of the Burg.
Rick Andrews |
Rick spent his formative musical years in church basements and VFW’s going to sweaty shows by himself, and in Nate’s room recording strange noises on his laptop. He spends his days now in a windowless building in New York “furthering his education” by increasing its length by 33%. He marvels at the fact that he’s met and hung out with people who are younger than his AOL screen name, and thinks it’s strange that he knows some newborns with facebook profiles. He believes deeply that great music will always be liked if the listener approaches it enough times. So, why does he like to such strange music? Because he made himself do it.
Steve GlauberSteve Glauber |
Steve is 23 years old and is currently enduring the awkward post-collegiate phase of adult(ish)hood—where the superstars in each professional sport are now younger than him and black olives start to taste alright. He likes all the same bands you do, but only their early stuff. Steve lives in Astoria, Queens where he gets on the train that goes to Manhattan. As a boy, Steve watched a group of 8th graders play Silverchair’s “Tomorrow” at his older sister’s junior high talent show, which thrust him along on this path of Rock n’ Roll fascination—the one he follows to this day.
Mike Gutierrez |
Mike grew up in the Northeast, listening to Madonna, Sonic Youth and De La Soul. When not studying philosophy, he fiddles with unfinished novels, finishes short stories, and contributes fiction and music coverage to various mags, blogs and reviews, including QRO, Ampeater, and Gigantic Sequins. The run on sentence is his guilty pleasure.
John Ganiard |
John will shortly hold a bachelor of arts degree in philosophy. He will then hopefully go back to school to write some more things (not philosophy). John has written previously for Foxy Digitalis, school, and his own personal edification. John lives in Saint Louis and likes black metal, Michigan football (still), bad beer, and half-heartedly compiling found sound.

Web Staff

Kaylea NelsonKaylea Nelson |
Kaylea’s a graduate student (gasp!) in astrophysics (GASP!) who does this mostly so she can tell people about it during conferences and give them the illusion that she does something else with her life other than stargaze. She puts up the daily posts and fixes Nick’s horrible horrible spelling mistakes. Seriously, he writes like a child. Anyways, Kaylea lives in New Haven with her manperson (see Heller, Ben above) and is probably your best point of contact if you see something fu*ked up on the site.
Rashid and SinaRashid Galadanci |
Rashid Galadanci would like to say that he makes his living as the 8-string guitar player in his band, Black Science Theory. In reality, he’s an Organization and Strategy Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton in Washington, D.C. and dabbles in music and web-design.