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Welcome to Ampeater Music. You'll notice that we've totally stripped the design. We were getting tired of the old one, and the best way to force ourselves to fix it was to dive in head first. We've unpublished all our past posts, and we're starting at the beginning, revamping each entry one at a time. They'll all be back up on the site soon enough! In the meantime, we hope you'll take the opportunity to reacquaint yourself with our back catalog. We'll also be making incremental improvements to the look and functionality of our dear old Ampeater over the coming weeks and months. Please be patient, and stay tuned for some really cool stuff. It's coming, we promise.

Casual Business

CASUAL BUSINESS is an in-studio performance series happening at Serious Business Music in Manhattan. Each installment will contain two unique live performances captured on 2-inch tape and will appear as a free downloadable digital 7-inch, along with photos, videos, and 1,000 perfect words on The Ampeater Review. This series will represent a beautiful collision of the live-in-studio radio broadcast (Peel Sessions, BBC), old-school shotgun studio-hit-making (Motown, Stax), and instant digital dissemination.

The information age has introduced an unthinkable expansion of musical technologies, styles, choices, as well as distractions, hoaxes, and false promises. CASUAL BUSINESS will inject some musical truth serum through the veins of the zeitgeist. Our mission is to provide unique artists with a platform to celebrate their uniqueness in real time, live in a great recording studio, and then to share the results with the universe. Performances will be live and spontaneous. We encourage artists to use this platform to debut new material, unheard nuggets, alternate arrangements, covers, freakout jam free-for-alls, to wildly experiment or to simply and powerfully deliver their hits. This is the artists’ time.

    is curated and recorded by Serious Business founder and operator Travis Harrison.
    is a studio, label and music collective founded in 2004, located at 73 Spring St. in Manhattan.
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    is a daily digital 7-inch review on a mission to help under-exposed artists gain greater exposure.
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