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Welcome to Ampeater Music. You'll notice that we've totally stripped the design. We were getting tired of the old one, and the best way to force ourselves to fix it was to dive in head first. We've unpublished all our past posts, and we're starting at the beginning, revamping each entry one at a time. They'll all be back up on the site soon enough! In the meantime, we hope you'll take the opportunity to reacquaint yourself with our back catalog. We'll also be making incremental improvements to the look and functionality of our dear old Ampeater over the coming weeks and months. Please be patient, and stay tuned for some really cool stuff. It's coming, we promise.


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What Is This Place? Who Are You? What Have You Done With My Wallet?

Ampeater Music is a website devoted to bridging the gap between unsigned (or just plain underexposed) artists and music lovers everywhere. Every day we feature a different artist on what we call The Ampeater Review. Each featured artist submits a “digital 7-inch” which we then complement with a detailed review and offer as a free download. Our mission is to help music lovers everywhere connect with new artists, and in turn help artists reach out to new listeners.

Artist Information

Can I sell my music through ampeater?
Yes! We sell music and merchandise (both physical and digital) through our store. Plus, any artist (whether featured on the Ampeater Review or not) can opt to use Ampeater Music to release albums digitally on iTunes. There’s no signup fee, no annual fees, and an 85/15 split on all net receipts. The contract is non-exclusive and has no stated term. Basically, no strings attached. Plus, we’re a licensed ISRC manager, and provide all Ampeater distributed artists with ISRCs and UPCs gratis. See? We’re nice guys.

What is a digital 7-inch?
A digital 7-inch is essentially a promotional single. like the classic vinyl 7-inch format, an ampeater digital 7-inch includes two songs–an A-Side and a B-Side. The artist may choose both songs, but we encourage artists to come out strong with an A-Side designed to hook new listeners and a B-Side crafted for someone a bit more adventurous. The tracks can be studio recordings, demos, or live tracks — new or released.

Who owns my music?
You do! As an ampeater artist you are required to make your digital 7-inch available for
free download on our site. However, you retain full ownership of your music and if you want it taken down at any point, you may request its removal by emailing us at We’ll remove it within 72 hours, no questions asked, but we will preserve the original review, sans digital 7-inch.

How can I become an ampeater artist?
There are two ways to become an ampeater artist.
1) Invitation. If we hear you and we like you, we will extend an invitation.
2) Submission. If you want to be an ampeater artist and have not yet received an invitation, you may complete our online submission form.

For more information, contact us at

Nice Things

“The Ampeater Review is a new blog/record label that features free downloads of “digital 7-inches” from unsigned bands every weekday. Designed as a means for promoting fledgling artists, the site is a veritable goldmine for adventurous music lovers looking for something new, as well as a much needed outlet for bands in search of exposure.”
Owl And Bear

“I truly believe in what this site is doing, bringing back the heart and warmth, care and attention to the cold cynical blogosphere. In depth reviews from people who truly care and think about their music for people who feel the same.”
Mr. Reader